Fun Children’s Party Games to Play

Having a children’s party is great fun but can be hard work especially if you have to think of things to keep the kids amused for a couple of hours.
Here’s a few ideas for party games that are both tradition and fun for all ages

Pass the Parcel
I think everyone has played this at some point in there lives its the classic game where you pass around a parcel that has been wrapped several times with a main prize in the very centre but with often sweets or treats in every layer as well. Just keep on passing the parcel around the circle until the music stops and the person holding the parcel at that time opens one layer of wrapping. Just keep going until all the wrapping has gone and someone have won the main prize.

Pop the Balloon
This is a great game and ideal for younger kids. Place a small piece of paper with a number written on it inside each balloon, then blow them up and tie them off as normal. Then get a second set of the same numbers on some more pieces of paper. Each child is then given a balloon to pop, most fun is by sitting on top of it. A number is then drawn from a hat that has the second set of numbers in and whoever had the balloon with the matching number inside is the winner.

Musical Chairs
Another great traditional game this which also helps to burn off a bit of energy with some running around. For musical chairs just place one less chair than their are party guests in a row with one facing forward and one facing backward and play some party music with the children running around the chairs until the music is stopped and everyone has to sit down except the last person who can`t get a seat which means they are out, then remove a chair and keep going until you get down to the last person who is the winner and gets a present.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
For a slight twist on this game and to get extra value from a pinata, buy a donkey shaped pinata and play pin the tale before you bash the pinata and don`t forget the blindfold, whoever gets the closest gets a prize and first bash at the pinata.

Balloon Race
Place on the floor anything you can find to use as place markers such as pots, pans or tape. The children are then split up into teams of four or more and given one balloon per team. One person from each team then stands at one of the markers. The first player from each team starts by holding the balloon between there ankles or knees and hops to the next marker and person to pass on the balloon (try not to use your hands). That teammate then hops to the next person and marker and so on. If at any time someone drops or pops the balloon, that team must start over. The first team to complete the course wins.

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Peppa Pig: The world’s most popular pig?

Peppa pig banner

I’ve discovered in the last year or so, that merely mentioning the words ‘Peppa Pig’ around a little girl under five is enough to induce excited squeals and the kind of hyperactive mood that makes you regret speaking. Never has one little pig been so popular, both with parents and kids.
Peppa Pig is a simple cartoon featuring Peppa, Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig her little brother George and her friends, Zoe Zebra, Suzy Sheep, Emily Elephant and Rebecca Rabbit. Like most popular kids brands, its popularity has spawned a thousand merchandise items. My little cousins has the whole set of the Peppa Pig family, including a trendy little car even I’m half tempted to play with.
Inevitably, this means the kids are going to want a Peppa Pig party. Something we can absolutely help you with! We’ve got a range of Peppa Pig party products ranging from paper plates and foil baloons to adorable little beanies that make a great addition to party bags or as prizes for party games. Aside from the Peppa Pig products, we’ve also got a wide range of pink products that fit in nicely with the theme.
You could also get artistic with a picture of Peppa, and play pin the tail on the piggy.

Are your kids Peppa Pig fans?
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The Pinata, the Perfect Children’s and Adults Party Fun

Party Options Pinatas

The party Pinata is still little seen at children’s parties here in the UK at the moment but it is gaining in popularity all the time as there are more and more features on the telly and in the newspapers and there is now even a Nintendo DS and Wii game.
The very early origins of the pinata are believed to have come form Mexico and would have had seven points and shaped like a star, nowadays all manner of shapes are used including many children’s television characters.
Most pinatas are made from cardboard and either shaped into a well known design or character or just a fun shape such as a castle, treasure chest or a pirate ship, a classic pinata shape is the brightly colour donkey shape.
The idea of the pinata as a party game is to open up the pinata and spill out the contents which will include sweets, chocolates, toys, stickers and all sorts of party goodies, in fact anything that you can think off that fits inside and won`t be broken when bashed, which can be taken home for the party in the party goody loot bags
There are two types of pinata one you have to bash open using a pinata stick and the other has coloured ribbons attached and by only selecting and pulling the correct ribbon will it open the door to release the sweets and goodies.
To add extra excitement pinata blindfolds can be used and don`t think it will all be over in a few second because it take some serious whacks of the pinata stick to break open the pinata.
A good idea for children’s parties who have a mix of both young and old children is to buy the pull string pinata and let the younger children pull the strings and get there party treats out and then refill and reseal the hole and let the older party children bash the pinata open.
Top Tip for the younger children is to get them to each hold on to a ribbon and all pull together as this makes sure there are no tears as to who’s ribbon opens the box.
But don`t just limit the fun to children’s parties as much fun can be had at adult parties and BBQ’s especially when you use the blindfold and spin the person around first.
For a whole range of party pinatas and accessories visit our website party options.

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Creative, Imaginative and Entertaining Hawaiian Themed Party Ideas

The most perfect way to arrange and organise a party is by choosing a certain theme. It is extremely easy to choose a subject for your party these days with all good part website such as Party Options supplying everything you need to create your theme in one place. You can pick up a colour, a combination of colour’s, animals, different way of life, religion or any era for that matter. We have included some of the most popular Hawaiian theme party ideas that have been in demand for some time now. Loved by kids and adults alike, these theme parties are a perfect way to unwind and calm down with family and friends.
Read on for more Hawaiian tips in this blog.

Why not arrange a Hawaiian theme party for your friends and family as they are truly awesome. If you have your home close to the beach then that is the most perfect spot to hold it, otherwise your back garden will be fine. Have a peek at the following Hawaiian theme party accessories to help you arrange a great luau party. Be innovative with the invites to your Hawaiian themed party. Send them out on cut outs of Hawaiian cocktails or surf boards. This will get your friends and family in the mood for a great party celebration. You can also consider using some social networking sites like twitter or facebook to keep your party guests informed about the party.
A social source online like this will also keep your guests excited and they will be able to see everyone who will be attending. This usually as a rule also increases the attendance level for a party.

I would suggest you set up a central area where all drinks and party foods are served from. You can then concentrate the numerous theme items around this area to make a great visual effect, setting the scene with this great inflatable palm tree. Put surf boards up next to the wall if you have them or if not there are plenty of hanging decorations that you can buy for very little money and decorate the place with pineapples, coconuts and sea shells. For the food, I offer to have a wide variety of fresh fruit for your guests in order to be able to make skewered fruit kebabs.
Serve up bowls with kiwi, pineapples, peaches, mangos, bananas and melons.
Have you ever tried barbecue with fresh fruit? It tastes fantastic  with fresh cream! I would in addition have the general barbecue food to keep everyone happy. For drinks, its great to hire a cocktail maker if you have a the budget can stretch to this. Watching him or her create fancy cocktail drinks will be a lot of  fun for your guests! If not then provide the guidelines and the ingredients for great things and let them create there own or even try the classics such as the Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea,Heartbreaker or the Aloha.

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Justin Bieber the Party Range from Party Options

Picture of Justin Bieber the Party Range from Party Options

Ah Justin Bieber. Never has one person dominated the trending topics of Twitter and facebook for so long. Thanks to an army of teenage Bieber fans, who have ‘Bieber Fever’, the pint-sized popstar has quickly approached world domination.

Justin was discovered a few years ago by R’n'B superstar Usher, after the boy approached him in the car park and asked if Usher could listen to him sing. The rest, as they say, is history.

Famed for his floppy fringe and clean-cut image, Justin has managed to create hit after hit of pure pop. Which is pretty much the perfect mix for dreamy tweenies and teenagers.

So, it’s inevitable that a number of children are now dreaming of Justin Bieber parties to celebrate their birthday. After all, it’s probably the closest they’ll get to meeting their heartthrob.

Luckily, we’ve got a whole range of Justin Bieber products available. In theory, this means you can eat off a Bieber plate, sip from a Bieber cup and Justin can even invite your friends to the party (um, through the medium of branded invitations.) We’ve also got table covers, napkins and loot bags, so the kids have something to take home too.

Now all you need is a Justin Bieber CD, and possibly a pair of earplugs for the parents, for when the kids start screaming….

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Perfect Gifts for 1st Bithdays & New Born Babies

Did you know we’ve got a range of gifts for a newborn baby? It’s not really a surprise really, considering the amount of products we have for baby showers and 1st birthdays.

If you want to encourage good spending habits from a young age, our collection of baby bootie money boxes are a thoughtful gesture. Classic parents might appreciate the pink or blue shoes, decorated with a cuddly teddy bear. Trend-loving parents might prefer the blue trainer version, or the vintage-inspired yellow frilly pair.

The money boxes are priced at just £4.50. Don’t forget to pop a little money in there, for luck and to get them started!

Your other option is to gift them with a beautiful brushed silver photo frame, to display a snapshop of them at their cutest. We’ve got one that’s particularly good for a first birthday, and it’s a bargain at only £4.95

Don’t forget, if you’re thinking of Christening the baby, we’ve got a huge range of products, covering catering and decorating options. We’ve got pink options for little girls, and blue options for little boys and you can decide how religious you would like the material to be.

View our full party range!

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Five Children’s TV and Film Theme ideas

Organising a kid’s party involves decisions on games, food, place settings, goody bags, entertainment…the list goes on. Obviously, kids need more entertaining than adults, and a theme is usually a must. One way to guarantee a happy group of kids is to adopt a theme from one of their favourite TV shows or films.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re not talking about recreating the entire set of Middle Earth in your lounge for a Lord of the Rings theme here.

For some inspiration, here’s five suggestions for kid’s TV and film themes.

• The new Disney film Tangled is hugely popular this year, particularly for little girls. We’ve got a whole selection of pretty Tangled-themed tablewear and decorations, including a gold crown and pretty party bags. If you know anyone good with hair you could borrow them to give little hair makeovers to your guests too.
• Toy Story 3 is loved by kids and the panel on the Oscars alike, so a party filled with Buzz, Woody and co is one that girls and boys will love. We’ve got everything from Toy Story 3 party plates to invitations. Dig out some of their favourite old toys and they can rein-act the story!
• Tinkerbell is still hugely popular, thanks to a few recent films. Perfect for little princesses, you can dress the table with pretty paper tablecovers, and give out goody bags filled with sweeties and glitter (although the other parents might not appreciate that so much!)
• Doctor Who is another TV star that’s stood the test of time. It’s great for slightly older kids, and we’ve got a selection of Doctor Who goodies to create a quick and easy theme. Hiring a Dalek might be slightly unlikely, but adding a bit of silver around the place and popping a Doctor Who DVD in should keep the kids entertained for hours.
• Finally, there’s the Hello Kitty theme, which is surprisingly popular with kitsch-loving adults too. Make everything a little bit pinker, then add some of our adorable Hello Kitty plates, cups, party bags and party notebooks to make it really girly.

We’ve got plenty more TV themed products, so feel free to have a browse!
Why not tell us your favourite TV show or character on our Party Options Facebook page


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Five Classic Party Theme Ideas

Organising a party can be a difficult and stressful time. Birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding parties and, most stressful of all, children’s parties can be a nightmare to organise. Whether it’s finding the perfect cake to suit everyone (wheat-free, nut-free, sugar-free, additives-free sponge anyone?), to finding the best party bag fillers for the kids, most parties involve a huge amount of organisation and planning.

But if you’re stuck for simple ideas for a party, here are a few suggestions
from Party Options.

• Poker party: A great option for a family night. Grab some poker chips, a few packs of cards and some of our poker-themed party accessories and you’ve got an entire evening full of win.
• Disco divas: Particularly good for the ladies, a disco diva night give you the opportunity to pull on a pair of flares and an afro, and dance all night long with Kool and the Gang. Bring out your real disco diva with our inflatable microphones.
• Summer lovin’: During the warmer months (or when the heating is on high), a hula skirt and Hawaiian shirt is the recipe for a great evening. Check out our selection of Hawaiian accessories, including inflatable palm trees, cocktail parasols and party plates.
• Hollywood glamour: Grab your tiaras and tuxes and prepare your speech for a night at the movies. You can even send your guests movie ticket party invitations.
• Football fans: Celebrate the end of a beautiful game, or simply treat a loved one to a fabulous footy night with some of our footie-themed products.

Do you have any tips for a perfect party?
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Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is coming up, and we’re gearing up with a whole range of green and Irish-themed goodies. St Patrick’s Day kicks off on March 17th, with most of the pubs bringing in a traditional Irish band and filling up on Guinness. But for families and those who don’t necessarily enjoy the pub, a St Patrick’s party is a simple and fun way to celebrate (even if you’re not Irish!)
We’ve got a huge range of products you can choose from to decorate your St Patrick’s Day party. Fill the room with some of our green balloons, hand out plates of food tinted with green colouring on our St Patrick’s Day plates, and hand out cups of Guinness or Baileys to everyone that arrives. 
If you’re looking for recipe ideas, we quite like the options over on AllRecipes. Beef Stew with Ale is a must,  and the Soda Bread recipe is a great accompaniment. I’m a big fan of Bailey’s Cupcakes too for a chocolatey  treat.
Oh and those Irish jigs? Head to Amazon and pick up a Irish music album.

How will you be celebrating St Patrick’s Day?
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Heart, Star & Round Foil Party Balloons

We have just added a lovely range of foil balloons in three different shapes, heart, star and round which all come in a choose of 16 colours, Green, Ivory, Baby Blue, Silver, Gold, black, Burgundy, Hot Pink,White, Lime Green, Orange, Pastel Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Lilac.
Traditionally foil balloons are filled with helium gas so the balloon floats but they can also be filled with air by blowing them up though a straw, a normal drinking straw would be fine just so you can get the air past the valve to inflate.
If you are using helium you will need to tie the balloon off with balloon curling ribbon and a balloon weight to stop it floating away altogether, if you have just used air to blow it up then you will just need to tie ribbon around the neck to stop the valve leaking.
The heart and round balloons are a good size at 18 inches and the stars are 20 inches across.

Heart Shaped Foil Balloons

Star Shaped Foil Balloons

Round Shaped Foil Balloons

Balloon Ribbon

Balloon Weights

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